Integrated Biometrics fingerprint sensor incorporated into new access control product

June 3, 2015 - 

Integrated Biometrics has announced that Bethcom has selected its Columbo FBI certified FAP 30 sensor to incorporate into its new Phalcon physical access control product.

Using patented light emitting sensor (LES) technology, Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo is able to develop the highest quality fingerprint images in a small and lightweight form factor.

“As we continue to see our international footprint growing we are especially pleased to partner with BETHCOM, a premier access control solutions provider,” said Steve Thies, Integrated Biometrics CEO. “Their selection of the FAP30 Columbo provides best-in-class performance for a single finger scanner.”

Columbo offers a full featured SDK, enabling developers to integrate the fingerprint sensor into applications that require certified quality images.

As a result, the fingerprint scanner meets the needs for both enrollment and verification applications common in international standards-based programs, and is especially suited to the many mobile applications where minimal size and weight are valued.

The Bethcom distribution deal is the latest in a series of partnerships for Integrated Biometrics, following the integration of its Sherlock two-finger roll scanner into AMREL’s Flexpedient AT80B Rugged Tablet, and the incorporation of its Columbo product into Mobizent’s MobiCHK product line for use with Intermec CN70e hand held devices.

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