Integrated Biometrics provides mobile fingerprint scanner to Pakistan education department

June 30, 2015 - 

Integrated Biometrics, LLC announced that the Pakistan Education Department has deployed its Columbo fingerprint scanner to verify the identity of teachers in remote areas of Pakistan.

Intellitech, a local partner of Integrated Biometrics, is assisting in the World Bank-funded project.

“Integrated Biometrics’ technology is a great fit for mobile identity verification in any environment due to its reliability, ease of use and operation in direct sunlight,” said Steve Thies, CEO of Integrated Biometrics, “The fact that our products are being used to improve education for hundreds of thousands of children is incredibly humbling and rewarding.”

In April, the Pakistan Education Department began a pilot program in which representatives travelled to different villages to verify the identity of teachers within remote villages using Integrated Biometrics’ Columbo scanner and a matching database developed by the department.

The project aims to verify 150,000 educators throughout Pakistan, with the end goal of having real-time attendance monitoring in each village.

Intellitech directors Wayne Jonathan Davis and Hunain Ali Durrani said they considered various fingerprint scanners for the project before eventually selecting Integrated Biometrics’ light emitting sensor (LES) technology since it works well in all environments.

Integrated Biometrics’ FBI-certified forensic-quality fingerprint scanners provide high-resolution scans in nearly any environment.

The company’s patented thin film technology is ideal for mobile applications as it is not confused by foreign matter, works on moist or dry fingers, and resists abrasion.

Previously reported, Integrated Biometrics announced that Bethcom has selected its Columbo FBI certified FAP 30 sensor to incorporate into its new Phalcon physical access control product.

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