Net-X Solutions releases ANSI/NIST compliant biometric viewer for Android

June 3, 2015 - 

Net-X Solutions Ltd announced it has globally launched the world’s first ANSI/NIST compliant biometric viewer for over 6,000 Android devices.

The biometric viewer has been available to users in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom since March 2015, but Net-X has decided to expand its release globally following the success of its recent trial.

Agencies who regularly deal with biometrics use ANSI/NIST files to both transmit and receive critical biometric data relating to individuals.

These agencies can now use the IDX NIST Viewer to access this biometric data from the majority of Android-based tablets and phones.

“The release of our NIST Viewer product for Android devices cements our commitment to developing biometric products for the Android platform, and will see us releasing a number of our core APIs, including WSQ fingerprint compression, NIST import/export, and fingerprint identity services for this platform in the upcoming months,” said James Jones, director at Net-X Solutions Ltd.

The COTS product is free for all policing, government and educational institutions, and expands on its existing user base for the Windows version of the same product.

The biometric viewer can be downloaded from Google Play.

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