NTIA stakeholders to discuss commercial facial recognition technology

June 9, 2015 - 

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration will meet on June 11 in Washington to work on resolving two critical problems regarding the facial recognition multistakeholder process, including whether to make it optional, according to a report by Broadcasting & Cable.

At their December meeting, NTIA stakeholders were still undecided on whether and how to create an exception to a voluntary code of conduct for facial recognition technology relating to anti-fraud and loss prevention.

Additionally, they were undecided on including a “default condition” for user control of facial technology outside of anti-fraud measures, which would allow or disallow the use of facial recognition, as well as whether there should be a separate rules for teens and children.

Deciding between an opt in or opt out policy is one of the main issues to consider during the implementation process of a range of online tracking and targeting technologies.

Stakeholders will also consider three other issues at the meeting, including whether a subject of facial recognition technology has a right to audit it for accuracy, whether they have a right to amend for false positives or negatives that might prevent them from accessing products or services, and whether to implement guidelines for organizations using the technology to monitor how that data is being used.

The NTIA will also set dates for meetings in July, September, October and November, as well as putting together an agenda for the July meeting.

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