Retail stores should make use of facial recognition, license plate readers with surveillance systems

June 2, 2015 - 

New facial recognition-based surveillance systems can provide retailers with crucial business intelligence to improve their overall operations and bottom line, according to a report by Convenience Store News.

Facial recognition technology captures a range of customer data including gender, age and mood as he or she enters the store.

The critical information can be shared with customer packaged goods vendors as they vie for space in the convenience store.

Retailers can also use this data to develop a database of known offenders and be alerted as they approach the store, providing employees with the necessary time to assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Additionally, license plate recognition enables retail operators catalog and search video based on a combination of numbers and letters captured by the camera.

Retailers can maintain a database of such license plates to use for future action, such as a gas station operator receiving an alert when a previous gas theft offender returns.

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