Secure Identity & Biometrics Association appoints Troy Potter as chairman

June 8, 2015 - 

The Secure Identity & Biometrics Association (SIBA) announced it has appointed L-3 National Security Solutions VP Troy Potter as chairman of the organization, effective immediately.

He will take over the duties of former Animetrics CEO Paul Schuepp who served as chairman of SIBA in its formative stages.

Potter has a significant amount of experience in both the government and industry, having served as the Identity Services Branch (ISB) deputy assistant director at the U.S. Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology (US-VISIT) program.

He also served as a systems program manager at US-VISIT for a number of years, where he was responsible for managing one of the largest biometrics systems in the world.

In his current position of L-3 NSS’ VP of global solutions sector, Potter leads all of the firm’s border security and biometrics programs.

“I am very pleased to chair SIBA, which has rapidly established itself as the leading resource to proactively create awareness and promote the value of identity technologies and biometric solutions to enhance the security of individuals as well as organizations and the government,” said Potter. “I look forward to working with SIBA CEO Janice Kephart and the board to continue the significant progress the association has made.”

Potter will join SIBA board members Jim Annulis, president and CEO of ProQual-I.T., Inc.; Ernest Baynard, president of Meridian Hill Strategies Inc.; Michael Dougherty, director of law enforcement solutions at Raytheon; Michael Petrov, managing director of North America at Vision-Box; Lester Quintana, senior vice president at Cellucci Associates; Catherine Renner-Amachree, DC head of operations and business development at Abanacle Corp.; and
Paul Schuepp, former president and CEO of Animetrics.

“When we began on this journey to create an organization that was as cutting-edge and game-changing as the identity solutions SIBA sought to represent, we never imagined the exceptional growth and quality of membership we would have,” said Kephart. “I look forward to working with Mr. Potter, our Board and our growing membership to expand our presence in the identity market.”

Previous reported, SIBA CEO Kephart called on the Senate Homeland Security Committee to promptly deploy a comprehensive biometric immigration exit system and re-designed entry system, while reiterating these benefits in a roundtable discussion titled “Securing The Border: Biometric Entry and Exit at Our Ports of Entry”.

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