Thales introduces border control solution with facial and iris recognition

June 22, 2015 - 

French electronic systems firm Thales has developed a border control solution with facial and iris recognition technology that could potentially replace immigration officers in the future, according to a report by The Telegraph.

The machines, which were unveiled at last week’s Paris Air Show, are designed to scan passports, print boarding passes, and record an image of the passenger’s face and iris. They can then transmit all of this data to other computers around the airport.

The images are stored on the system so that when travellers arrive at the immigration desk, they are able to automatically confirm their identity without any added assistance from the customs and border staff.

“You would only need one agent for every four or five machines,” Pascal Zenoni, a Thales manager presenting the equipment at the air show, told AFP. “These systems can free up staff for the police and create more space in the airport.”

The image of the traveller’s face is printed in encrypted form on the boarding pass, enabling it to be scanned by officials at the gate to complete the identity check process.

Thales currently manufactures biometric passports and ID cards for 25 countries around the world, including France.

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