UK police to use facial recognition at music festival

June 10, 2015 - 

UK police ill use portable facial recognition technology for the first time at a music festival in an effort to identify and catch thieves and drug dealers, according to a report by Police Oracle.

The deployment follows the UK police force’s successful pilot program of the portable face recognition technology.

High-definition cameras will be strategically placed throughout the site at the Download festival in Donington, UK, scanning attendee faces and cross-checking them against a database of custody images from across Europe.

“It is one of the first times it has been trialled outside, normally it is done in a controlled environment,” said Detective Constable Kevin Walker. “There has also been a lot interest from other festivals and they are saying: If it works, can we borrow it?”

Those festival attendees looking to stay incognito might want to look into research by two Japanese professors developing a pair of glasses to thwart facial recognition systems.

Previously reported, London’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner recommended that people should install hidden CCTV cameras at “face level” outside their homes and businesses to improve the chances of successfully capturing criminals.

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