Anviz Global provides biometric access control system for insurance broker

July 22, 2015 - 

Anviz Global has provided Indian insurance broker Futurisk Insurance with an integrated and fully-customized biometric-enabled access control and time attendance system.

The system, which comprises the Anviz T60 and T5 pro biometric-based terminals with AIM Crosschex software, were installed in several Futurisk Insurance sales outlets throughout India.

As one of the top five insurance broking companies in India, Futurisk Insurance has sales offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and, Hyderabad.

Many of the insurance broker’s sales outlets process a high number of customers for insurance consulting and business services on a daily basis.

This influx of traffic makes the firm more susceptible to potential security risks, particularly when unauthorized individuals enter staff-only areas of the facilities. .

Anviz designed an access control and time attendance system to meet Futurisk Insurance’s needs, installing eight sets of Anviz T60 and T5 Pro systems at their various sales locations.

The system ultimately enables Futurisk Insurance’s management to monitor their employees’ daily actions, both inside and outside of the office, as well as to effectively compile the data into regular reports.

Using the BioNano core fingerprint algorithm, a fingerprint proof device confirms the identities of authorized employees and allows them access into certain rooms.

The T60 and T5 Pro work together to help monitor employee access card eligibility in the event that the employee’s fingerprint cannot be read, or for restricted areas that require higher security level demands.

Previously reported, Anviz Global released C2 Pro, a biometric time and attendance fingerprint terminal that is designed in designed for all end-users, particularly medium and large sized enterprises.

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