BIOMIO introduces open source multi-factor authentication framework

July 19, 2015 - 

Face authentication startup BIOMIO announced it will be open sourcing its flagship multi-factor authentication (MFA) framework, which includes client and server-based biometric capabilities as well as authentication options like one-time passwords and context awareness.

The process, which enables the identities of users to be authenticated by computers or applications through biometrics and contextual data, will be featured at OSCON 2014 on July 20-24 in Portland, Oregon.

“BIOMIO team realized that in order for the password-less authentication to work, it has to be simultaneously available across all devices, not just select few, and it has to be engineered in a way where authentication modes can be mixed and stacked up to match the application and the environment,” said Dan Itkis, BIOMIO’s project lead. “This meant that this system had to be engineered right for flexibility and extensibility, and that it had to be completely transparent.”

BIOMIO said it is crucial that its multi-factor authentication framework be open sourced to gain trust in identification/verification methods, while developers can extend the project to accommodate different systems, verification points, as well as probe devices such as fingerprint readers, vein readers and eeg bands.

Once the technology is adopted by the open source community at large, it will no longer be driven and controlled by the device or operating system manufacturers, but will provide any application or system with the flexibility to integrate it in its own customer-specific workflow.

The technology comprises a wide range of applications which can all converge onto the same platform.

By combining fingerprint, face, voice, heartbeat and other biometrics, the platform is able to authenticate an individual’s identity as required by the application or a device.

The multi-factor authentication technology can be used with websites, computer and phone applications, ATM machines, security systems, entry points, test and voting locations, and other places.

BIOMIO is encouraging all device manufacturers, independent developers, integrators, customers, and other interested parties to contribute to the project.

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