Digital Insight, EyeVerify Inc. offer secure biometric authentication to financial institutions

July 2, 2015 - 

EyeVerify Inc. is offering biometric authentication across iOS and Android devices to all financial institutions (FIs) using Digital Insight for mobile banking.

EyeVerify Inc. first announced the technology integration and distribution partnership back in February its partnership in which it would provide Digital Insight customers with EyePrint ID mobile identity protection.

Digital Insight is the first mobile banking technology vendor in the US to bring Eyeprint ID mobile identity protection to market.

In a new video, the companies demonstrate the convenience and security of Eyeprint ID within Digital Insight’s mobile banking apps.

The video offers a summary of the driving factors leading banks and credit unions to adopt biometrics.

Those financial institutions currently using Digital Insight will soon be able to offer Eyeprint ID authentication without adding any new software or hardware, eliminating the high costs associated with resets, lockouts and password-related customer care calls.

Digital Insight has yet to announce an exact launch date for the Eyeprint ID rollout, but it is expected to arrive later this year.

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