Five major trends will revolutionize access control, says HID Global

July 8, 2015 - 

John Fenske, Vice President of Product Marketing at HID Global recently shared with Campus Safety magazine five key trends he believes will impact the access control security marketplace.

According to the article, Fenske predicts the access control market will soon transition to single card or phone solutions.

He believes one major trend is biometrics. According to Fenske: “The (access control) industry will continue moving toward a biometric authentication model that is focused less on technology and more on the user experience. Biometric templates will also move with user IDs onto mobile devices. Meanwhile, credential delivery and management will grow in importance, using cloud-based solutions into which all entities have been biometrically authenticated.”

Fenske also noted that advances in managing identities will also be a major trend. Fenske noted in the article: “As physical access control applications merge with logical access control applications, they will both also merge onto cards and phones, and organizations will be managing multiple ID numbers for multiple uses on multiple devices. This will create the need for more centralized identity management systems that are easy to use and support multiple application identities with different lifecycles, while also ensuring security and privacy for online transactions.”

The other trends Fenske predicts are increased innovation fueled by the move to interoperable platforms based on open standards, the adoption of new credential form factors, including those driven by one-time password (OTP) and near field communication (NFC), and more convenient ways to open doors and gates using short-range Bluetooth and gesture-based technology.

HID Global, an Assa Abloy Group brand, will be posed to take advantage of these trends. Last year, BiometricUpdate reported that the firm acquired Lumidigm, in order to expand its footprint within the rapidly growing biometric segment.

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