ImageWare secures patents in Canada and Australia for multimodal biometric platform

July 2, 2015 - 

ImageWare Systems, Inc. has been awarded patents in Canada and Australia for technology used in its multimodal biometric ID and authorization system.

The company had been previously awarded the patent for the same technology in the United States.

ImageWare secured patent number 2,588,078 by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and patent number 2005307863 by the Patent Office of Australia for technology behind IWS Biometric Engine.

The IWS Biometric Engine is a real-time, highly scalable, high performance database that supports enrollment and multiple kinds of biometrics.

The algorithm-independent technology allows new and improved biometric algorithms as well as new biometric modalities to be integrated without affecting the rest of the identity solution.

“Our unique and patented biometric technology offers users customizable security solutions to support population databases of unlimited sizes, as well as a wide variety of biometric types,” said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare. “As the need for security continues to rise with the evolution of technology, these patents, along with the rest of our technology portfolio, enable us to capitalize on this fast-growing industry and affirms our position as a leader in multi-modal biometrics in our home market as well as abroad.”

Previously reported, ImageWare Systems settled its patent litigation with WCC Services US and Creative Technology Inc in January 2014, which resulted in WCC and CITI obtaining a royalty bearing license to IWSY’s patents covering multi-modal biometric platforms and fusion of biometric modalities.

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