NXT-ID Inc. patents behavior-directed payments system

July 14, 2015 - 

NXT-ID, Inc. announced that it has filed provisional patent 62/188684 for “Behavioral-directed Authentication Method and System”, covering technology which recognizes both the individual (something you are) and the action (something you know) via behavior-metrics.

The system authenticates the user’s identity based on almost any motion, sound, or other behavior that can be detected by sensors, combining their unique physiological features, such as biometrics, with some unique action, such as behavior, that can be chosen by a user.

“Like voice-directed payments where you can simply say to pay, this invention enables you to draw to pay,” says David Tunnell, CTO of NXT-ID. “Users are very familiar with typing a PIN or drawing a pattern to access a device. Soon, they can also choose a payment account using the same methods they use to authenticate with a device.

“Convenience is just as important as security. Another key advantage of behavior-metrics is that they enable accessibility. Like directing payment by simply asking for a word that is associated with an account, users may simply perform a gesture or draw a pattern without having to view a display, enabling a method to pay for those with disabilities such as impaired vision.”

Behavior-metrics simplify the process of choosing a payment by combining it with the same authentication used to access a device.

Users will no longer have to search through their wallet or purse to find a payment card, or through apps to select a payment account.

NXT-ID’s behavior-metrics payment system enables users to quickly select a payment, loyalty, or any account as soon as they authenticate themselves with a device.

The system will enable mobile and wearable devices to improve both the security and convenience of performing mobile payments.

NXT-ID said the technology will be available on its smart wallet device, Wocket (www.wocketwallet.com), in the future.

Previously reported, NXT-ID, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, 3D-ID LLC, became the official contractor under Team Battelle for the biometrics technology portion of the recently awarded TIES (Technical Information Engineering Services) Unrestricted Suite Contract from the Department of the Army.

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