Retailer Forever 21 deploys M2SYS Technology’s biometric time clock

July 21, 2015 - 

M2SYS Technology announced that major clothing retailer Forever 21 has deployed the M2SYS PC-based RightPunch biometric time clock.

RightPunch seamlessly interfaces with Forever 21’s timekeeping software by Kronos, allowing staff members to clock in and out through biometric authentication, optimizing labor tracking performance.

The integration of RightPunch with the Kronos Workforce Management platform enables Forever 21 to boost efficiencies and overall employee productivity and accountability.

Forever 21 decided to use RightPunch with fingerprint biometrics, although the M2SYS solution supports other biometric modalities like finger, palm vein, and iris recognition.

“Forever 21 is a great testament to the value of RightPunch,” said Michael Trader, president of M2SYS. “RightPunch optimizes workforce management, expedites the clock in/out process and produces a thorough time and attendance data tracker. The solution’s affordable price point is especially appealing to the retail industry where stores typically have less than 50 employees.”

Previously reported, M2SYS Technology recounted working with local partner Infinite Solutions to provide Arig Bank of Mongolia with finger vein technology to streamline its customer authentication process at their branches.

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