Safran looks to expand reach in Malaysia market

July 19, 2015 - 

Safran said it has its sights set on Malaysia as a potential market for expansion, according to a report by Daily Express.

Jean-Pierre Cojan, Safran’s SVP and special advisor of South East Asia, said aircraft, helicopter engines, high technology defence equipment and biometric identification solutions are among the technologies to be offered to Malaysia.

Having already set up an office in Malaysia, Safran currently has a staff of 150 employees in the country and expects to soon expand its Malaysian workforce to 250 to 300 to “develop the business for customers in either the government or private sector,” said Cojan.

“We are heavily focused on Asia and Southeast Asia,” said Cojan. “This is where the growing economies of the world are, and to succeed in business, we need to be present here. Malaysia is a key prospect for us because of the various applications that we have in the country.”

Safran has been providing its biometric solutions to Malaysia through a local partnership.

“Malaysia is the first country in the world to use biometrics in relation to identity, and we are the global pioneers to develop biometric techniques in relation to identity, finger printing, iris and face recognition,” said Cojan. “We have been in Malaysia for 20 years and it is an ongoing relationship. We will upgrade and introduce more new solutions in the country.”

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