CTBC Bank piloting ATMs that use finger vein scanning and facial recognition

August 7, 2015 - 

CTBC Bank has began piloting biometric security features for employees, as well as plans to implement finger vein scanning and facial recognition technologies at its ATMs, according to a report by Taipei Times.

The bank’s new pilot program is using a biometric authentication system to verify employees working at the CTBC Financial Park in Taipei’s Nangang Business Park.

CTBC Bank said it plans to extend the digitized services to consumers in about six months.

Additionally, the bank is implementing finger vein scanning and facial recognition solutions at its ATMs, enabling customers to withdraw money without a bank card or PIN.

Developed by Hitachi, finger vein authentication has a false match rate of 0.01 percent and will only accept a living finger, making the technology more secure than fingerprint scanning.

The finger vein readers are already being used in select bank ATMs in Japan and Poland.

CTBC Bank said the new digitized services are still pending regulatory approval and their implementation will require the consent of customers.

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