Dermalog wins Frost & Sullivan’s biometrics award for achievements in Africa

August 24, 2015 - 

German biometrics manufacturer Dermalog Identification Systems announced it has been rewarded Frost & Sullivan with the “2015 African Biometrics Company of the Year Award”.

The prize was awarded to the company for its outstanding achievements in 20 African countries, including its portfolio of fingerprint scanners and biometric systems.

Dermalog has provided countries like Angola, Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia with biometric solutions that solve local challenges such as identity theft, corruption, demography and migration, along with the economic development of these countries.

The company is currently working with Nigeria’s Central Bank and 23 other banks in a major initiative in which all bank customers in the country are registered via its biometric solutions.

Dermalog has successfully registered over 18 million customers in Nigeria to date, averting 10,000 double identities and multiple registrations to prevent the country’s financial sector from being more susceptible to fraud and money laundering.

Building on its success in the West African country, Dermalog plans to provide in the near future fingerprint-enabled ATM machines to allow registered bank customers to withdraw cash from the machines using their fingerprints.

Dermalog’s product portfolio includes biometric border control, biometric ID cards, FingerLogin and FingerPayment solutions, which it supplies to Germany and Europe markets, along with Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Previously reported, National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation (FpVTE) found that Dermalog Identification Systems outperformed the strongest competitors in the current eight and ten fingerprint tests, earning the top performance in recognition rates.

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