Biometrics solutions firm Tascent raises $18.5 million in funding round

September 17, 2015 - 

Biometrics and identity solutions firm Tascent announced it has completed an $18.5 million Series A funding round led by San Mateo, CA-based Tano Capital.

Tascent will use the money from the Series A round funding to develop new high-throughput iris recognition and mobile biometric identity solutions, improve its product lineup and further expand its presence in government, enterprise and other market sectors.

“Over the past few years, biometrics has become a positive and impactful aspect of our daily lives,” said Tascent CEO Dean Senner. “We’re excited to build upon this momentum with highly accurate and easy-to-use identity solutions that contribute to a safer and more efficient world. Our strength in iris recognition, along with products that embrace multiple biometric modalities including fingerprint and face recognition, empowers us to deliver flexible and customizable solutions to customers globally.”

Tascent has a strong core team, unique technology platform and emerging global partnerships, making it well-positioned to impact the biometrics market.

The company is one of the few to offer solutions for both fixed and mobile iris recognition.

With offices in the US, UAE and Singapore, Tascent currently has a client base that includes Dubai International Airport, London Gatwick Airport and several high security facilities in the US.

Tascent will demonstrate its high-throughput iris recognition systems and preview its line of next-generation mobile identity products at the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida, held on September 21-24.

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