Cybersecurity firm Callsign moving onto Binghamton University campus

September 21, 2015 - 

Callsign is moving onto Binghamton University campus’ Engineering and Science Building under the Start-Up NY program,, according to a report by FOX 40 WICZ.

The new offices of Callsign — which provides biometrics-based authentication solutions — are expected to create more jobs than Callsign initially promised the state of New York.

Callsign said that the university’s research into biometrics and other fields made the campus an ideal location for the company.

“We came up here a few months back and spent some time at the Watson School with a number of the staff there within the research departments here,” said Robert Stout, Callsign’s VP of North American operations. “We found about five or six areas where there was tremendous collaborative opportunities.”

The new Callsign offices are expected to open at end of the year. It the company is able to successfully win some of the contracts it has been targeting over the next few months, Callsign said it could add more than the 38 jobs it promised the state.

In addition to the website report, FOX 40 WICZ also conducted a video feature on the story.

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