FRA to hold meeting to discuss EU biometrics smart borders project

September 21, 2015 - 

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) announced that about 20 industry experts will meet on September 25 to discuss the European Agency for Large-Scale IT Systems’ (eu-LISA) pilot project on the EU’s smart borders system.

The move comes a few weeks after the FRA conducted a survey during the summer regarding the European Agency for Large-Scale IT Systems’ (eu-LISA) pilot project on the EU’s smart borders package.

At the meeting, the experts will discuss the interview questions that will be used in the agency’s project regarding the fundamental rights implications of using biometric data in large EU IT-systems in the areas of borders, visa and asylum.

The interviews form portion of the survey process will begin in the late fall in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

FRA will present the issues, the project and the topics that will be covered during the fieldwork, followed by the working groups conducting the different aspects of the fieldwork.

The industry experts include representatives of government authorities, national data protection authorities, EU institutions and bodies, NGOs, and academia.

The eu-LISA project is researching both the negative and positive fundamental rights implications of integrating, storing and using biometric data in the EU’s three large-scale border management systems, including Eurodac, SIS II (Schengen Information System) and VIS (Visa Information System).

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