IntegenX releases new rapid DNA platform

September 3, 2015 - 

IntegenX has introduced the RapidHIT ID System, a DNA identification solution that quickly and seamlessly generates forensic DNA profiles.

Intended to be used in a forensic lab or in other settings such as a law enforcement booking environment, the RapidHIT ID is able to deliver high-quality forensic DNA profiles within 90 minutes.

The system is able to generate results that are equivalent to those generated by conventional systems found in centralized laboratories, which typically take days to weeks to provide results.

The RapidHIT ID system, which is smaller than a desktop printer, can be used in almost any environment.

The system uses the leading industry-standard chemistries and generates DNA profiles that are compatible with national DNA databases such as the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).

RapidHIT ID provides several capabilities that makes DNA profile generation more cost effective than in the past, making it affordable for law enforcement and other agencies to perform such testing closer to the point of action.

“IntegenX has delivered a 21st century solution for Rapid DNA testing closer to the point of action,” stated Robert A. Schueren, president and CEO of IntegenX. “This evolution of our established RapidHIT technology, which has been proven in numerous peer-reviewed publications, hundreds of database uploads and in the hands of numerous customers globally, is a dramatic advance forward in the democratization of forensic DNA testing.”

IntegenX platforms integrate advanced fluidics, optics, and biochemistry capabilities to generate sample-to-answer products for DNA-based human identity testing for forensics and law enforcement applications.

Previously reported, Morpho and IntegenX have partnered to market IntegenX’s RapidHIT rapid DNA system to law enforcement and government agencies.

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