NUI Central hosting biometrics for user authentication presentation

September 21, 2015 - 

NUI Central announced it is holding an event entitled “Is NUI the Next Breakthrough in UI Biometrics/Personalization/Identification?“, tonight (September 21) in New York City.

The NUI Central event will kick off with a networking session at 6:30 pm., followed by the presentation itself at 7:00 pm., and conclude with a hang out/network portion at 8:00 pm.

Traditional passwords are on the way out. Biometrics will become the next identification standard.

Speechpro president Alexey Khitrov will deliver a presentation in which he will argue the benefits of voice and multi-modal verification on mobile platforms and voice-based UI’s.

Speechpro has used this approach with its deployment of voice and face authentication solutions at Wells Fargo, replacing traditional passwords and PINs in the bank’s mobile app.

Khitrov will share insights from this deployments as well as discuss new ideas and biometric capabilities for user authentication.

Registration for the event is now open until 3:00 pm today. Those individuals who attend the event and are not registered will be asked to wait to the side until the organizers determine that there is sufficient room to accommodate them.

If there is an open space available, they will be able to attend the presentation for a fee of $8.

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