SureID launches biometric identity management program for businesses

September 29, 2015 - 

SureID announced it has launched the SureID Program for businesses that are seeking a high-assurance biometric identity management solution for its third-party vendors and contractors.

“Our expertise in high-assurance identity management for the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other security-conscious organizations makes us uniquely qualified to deliver enterprise-wide, high-assurance identity management solutions for businesses in a variety of industries,” said Steve Larson, CEO and chairman of SureID. “Our solutions are designed to work with enterprise-wide applications to strengthen an organization’s confidence that individuals are trustworthy and are who they say they are.”

The SureID Program’s high-assurance identity management solution makes organizations and individuals safer and more secure based on the company’s multi-layer patented process.

First, users are asked to undergo a registration process where their biographic information and biometric data is collected securely and conveniently.

Once registered, the user’s in-person identity proofing provides high-assurance identity authentication in which their digital identity is bound to their biometrics data and securely stored for relying party verification.

The extensive screening process involves an address history development, a search of hundreds of sources including “most wanted” and government watchlists, in-person county records checks and ongoing criminal records monitoring.

All qualified registrants are then enrolled and issued a highly secure credential. SureID’s proprietary validation process for creating digital identities can be integrated into a company’s security access system.

The SureID Program can be scaled to organizations of any size in an efficient and cost-effective way to protect their people, property and reputation, said the company.

SureID has posted a promotional video detailing the benefits of its identity management solution.

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