Toshiba to release new two-in-one laptop with facial recognition capabilities

September 4, 2015 - 

Toshiba has unveiled a new top-of-the-line convertible two-in-one laptop, which will be one of the first small-screen PCs to enable facial authentication with Windows Hello, according to a report by Twice.

The announcement comes a few months after it was reported that the Window 10’s multimodal biometric authentication security feature requires “depth cameras” with infrared light sensors, which analysts and PC manufacturers said are too costly to integrate into the popular, lower-range PCs available on the market.

The Radius 12 is also said to be one of the first small-screen PCs to enable facial authentication with Windows Hello, powered by an onboard infrared camera.

Windows Hello enables customers to log in to the laptop instantaneously using only their face.

The device also features a 4K Ultra HD display, a sixth-generation Intel Core processor, a wide-gamut 12.5-inch Technicolor-certified RGB touchscreen display, a 0.6-inch profile weighing 2.8 pounds, LED backlit keyboard, and a brushed-metal Carbon Gray finish.

“Technicolor has certified that the color accuracy offered by the Satellite Radius 12’s 4K Ultra HD display delivers color faithful to the intention of all content creators for viewing and enjoying digital content,” said Technicolor senior VP Manuèle Wahl.

Toshiba will roll out the Satellite Radius 12 in the U.S. starting in the fourth quarter, with pricing and configurations will be announced at a later date.

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