Android releases fingerprint API

October 28, 2015 - 

Android’s team of developers have been adding new features for developers to take advantage of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, following the availability of the new operating system, according to the Android Developers blog.
Android’s developers released this week Asymmetric Fingerprint Dialog, a new sample that shows developers how to securely integrate a compatible fingerprint reader in a client/server environment.

The Android Fingerprint API is designed to protect users’ privacy by ensuring that their fingerprint biometrics data is stored locally on the device’s hardware, safeguarding the data from “malicious actors” and untrusted applications.

When users activate their fingerprint reader, they are essentially “unlocking a hardware-backed cryptographic vault.”

As such, developers can decide on what key materials are stored in this vault based on what is required by the application.

Previously reported, Google updated its Compatibility Definition document for Android 6.0, which details a list of requirements smartphone and tablet manufacturers will need to follow in order to properly run its new Android 6.0 operating system, or Android Marshmallow.

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