Apple patents biometric sensing for a future MacBook

October 14, 2015 - 

Apple has patented its Touch ID biometric fingerprint sensor for potential integration into a future MacBook, according to a report by Patently Apple.

Published on October 13, Apple’s granted patent 9,158,957 is titled “Finger sensing apparatus using hybrid matching and associated methods”.

The patent application states that the “finger sensing apparatus may include a finger sensor including an integrated circuit (IC) substrate, an array of finger sensing elements on the IC substrate, and match circuitry on the IC substrate for performing final finger matching,” as well as include “a host platform cooperating with the array of finger sensing elements for performing at least one finger prematch function.”

Additionally, the finger sensor and the host platform may implement a minimum of one security function that could be a watermarking function and/or an encryption/decryption function.

A diagram included in the patent application shows “a perspective view of an electronic device in the form of a laptop computer including a finger sensor and enhanced security.”

Apple mentions that the invention could be used in a future iMac/desktop in a process in which the Touch ID fingerprint feature could be directly integrated into the keyboard.

Previously reported, Apple filed a patent for its new facial recognition technology that automatically shares photographs with the subjects being captured.

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