Integrated Biometrics to provide fingerprint readers for Brazil’s voter registration process

October 22, 2015 - 

Integrated Biometrics announced it will be providing more than 13,000 of its Watson Mini fingerprint recognition scanners to help register and enroll eligible voters in Brazil and Brazilian consulate offices worldwide.

The Brazilian voter biometrics enrollment process will continue throughout the rest of the year with a goal of being completed by 2017.

The fingerprint scanners are part of a biometric kit provided by Integrated Biometrics local distributor Akiyama Soluções Tecnológicas (Akiyama), which was recently chosen by Brazil’s Tribunal Superior Eleitoral to service this voter registration project.

The kit includes biometrics fingerprint scanners and software to register and enroll voters. The introduction of the technology is part of the country’s efforts to improve security and curb the potential for fraud.

According to Brazilian government officials, scanning of fingerprints is expected to be required in future elections.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to know that our hard work in developing industry leading enrollment and verification fingerprint sensors for solution providers like Akiyama is contributing to something as important as elections in democratic countries,” said Steve Thies, CEO at Integrated Biometrics. “One of the strongest drivers in our industry is the move toward mobile solutions as smartphones, apps on phones, and cloud-based solutions have made everything mobile. We are seeing this reflected in the push for voter registration internationally.”

Integrated Biometrics’ Watson Mini is a portable FBI Appendix F Certified two-finger roll scanner that includes a software development kit with seamless integration features.

Using Integrated Biometrics’ patented LES (Light Emitting Sensor) technology, Watson Mini is smaller and more durable than competing two-finger roll scan mobile biometric fingerprint readers, said the company.

Additionally, Integrated Biometrics’ fingerprint solutions work in direct sunlight on dry or moist fingers, resist abrasion, and are 90-95% smaller and lighter than optical scanners.

Previously reported, Integrated Biometrics announced that the Pakistan Education Department deployed its Columbo fingerprint reader to verify the identity of teachers in remote areas of Pakistan.

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