RSA integrates eye biometrics into RSA Adaptive Authentication SDK

October 26, 2015 - 

EyeVerify, Inc. announced that RSA has integrated Eyeprint ID into the RSA Adaptive Authentication Software Development Kit for mobile applications.

The integration provides RSA customers with extra security through EyeVerify’s eye-based biometric authentication, which uses the camera on a smartphone to capture an image of the eye and matches their unique vein pattern to verify identity.

Eyeprint ID provides automatic authentication if the eye image matches the eyeprint registered with the device.

“We are pleased that RSA, after extensive evaluation of our technology, has determined that Eyeprint ID meets their requirements for security and convenience,” said Chris Barnett, EVP of global sales and marketing for EyeVerify. “We’re excited to enable RSA customer organizations to offer their end users with secure authentication with one look.”

By integrating eye vein biometrics into the RSA Adaptive Authentication solution, RSA is able to provide organizations and their end users with an additional authentication method for login and transactions stemming from mobile apps.

“As end users continue to demand convenient access to mobile, web and SaaS applications, organizations are seeking solutions that provide that convenience without sacrificing security,” said Angel Grant, senior manager of fraud and risk intelligence group at RSA. “Achieving the balance of security and convenience is a challenge. Eyeprint ID gives organizations and their end users a simple authentication option to help secure mobile transactions.”

Previously reported, EyeVerify is providing Eyeprint ID authentication technology for First Internet Bank to use in its personal mobile banking application.

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