SmartMetric develops a USB interface for EMV biometric chip cards

October 15, 2015 - 

SmartMetric has developed a miniature USB-enabled chip card connector for reading its biometric chip card for online computer and or mobile phone purchases.

The SmartMetric biometric payments card is a credit / debit card that features a built-in miniature fingerprint scanner that is used to activate the card’s EMV chip.

The company uses the same banking industry EMV chip that is now being used by financial institutions around the world.

Insteading of entering a PIN or signature, the SmartMetric biometric payments card enables the cardholder to use his or her fingerprint to activate the built-in EMV chip in order to proceed with a transaction.

The biometric payments card is completely interoperable with existing EMV readers and ATMs, allowing it to take advantage of the existing global chip card banking and retail infrastructure.

“We know from overseas experience that as the new EMV chip cards are introduced into a market a huge increase in online fraud takes place,” said Chaya Hendrick, president and CEO at SmartMetric. “By bringing the security of the SmartMetric biometric EMV chip card to the world of online shopping we will provide a safer shopping process for the public and online merchants alike.”

SmartMetric has posted a video demonstrating how the SmartMetric Biometric Payments Card works.

Previously reported, SmartMetric, Inc. announced it will soon release its new biometrics activated and user-validated EMV payments card in both the United States and throughout the European Union.

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