TRAIS America develops integrated touch screen fingerprint sensor

October 8, 2015 - 

Module technology provider TRAIS America, Inc. announced it has developed an integrated transparent touch fingerprint sensor for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and monitor screens.

TRAIS’ fingerprint sensor features a thin “sensor layer” with circuits that enables users to touch any part of a device’s screen to authenticate themselves.

The “world first” design of TRAIS sensors ensure “lower production costs and time” for smartphone and touch monitor manufacturers than traditional fingerprint sensors as a result of its easy assembly and mounting, said the company.

The sensor combines touch module and transparent fingerprint sensor technology for high recognition and visibility, ensuring a 500ppi resolution.

Additionally, the TRAIS T-Sec feature offers multi-factor authentication biometrics security by verifying the user’s fingerprint on the touch screen to secure devices, applications, and payments.

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