Unique Biometrics demonstrates iris recognition technology

October 26, 2015 - 

Unique Biometrics exhibited at Biometrics 2015 this fall, and BiometricUpdate was onsite to spend some time with Founder and CEO Nithin Kumar for a video demonstration the company’s new USB iris scanner, Hummingbird 1.0, designed and assembled in the USA.

The website describes it as ideal for integrating iris recognition capabilities to existing applications such as prison management, border security, immigration, banking, healthcare, and other identity management programs requiring collection and verification of iris data.

Unique Biometrics also offers software solutions Unique Biometrics Iris Server as a hosted service and Unique Biometrics IriStick, which is the Iris Server preloaded on an Intel Compute Stick, which is ideal for trying out its SKD or embedding iris recognition functionality into an embedded product.

Kumar’s LinkedIn profile states he has “been working on a R&D project to implement a scalable iris recognition software algorithm that can accurately produce an iris signature, a binary representation of the iris patterns that are visible in near infrared images of the eye”.

Kumar previously served as L1 Identity Solution’s VP of Iris Recognition & Facial Screening.

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