Virginia DOC to deploy Track Group voice biometrics solution

October 7, 2015 - 

Tracking solutions firm Track Group, Inc. announced it has signed a US $11.3 million contract with the Virginia Department of Corrections to provide electronic monitoring services across the full range of sentences under the department’s guidance.

Under the terms of the contract, Track Group will provide GPS and biometric voice verification solutions designed to monitor over 16,000 offenders and defendants.

Track Group’s end-to-end location monitoring and predictive behavioral solutions are designed for use by security, law enforcement, corrections, and rehabilitation organizations.

“This is a significant win for us,” said Derek Cassell, Track Group’s president of the Americas. “This contract with the Virginia DOC will expand our footprint in the Eastern region of the US and advances our position as a trusted leader in offender electronic monitoring solutions.”

The contract term is six years with a minimum two-year period, as well as four one-year options to extend.

Additionally, the contract includes a cooperative purchasing clause that will allow other agencies to obtain services without having to go through a formal bid process.

“The result will provide increased safety for the community by improving the management of offenders, while enhancing rehabilitation outcomes,” said Harold Clarke, director of the Virginia DOC.

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