Wise Group predicts growth in use of biometrics in home security

October 13, 2015 - 

Residential and commercial security firm Wise Group recently predicted that there will be a significant growth in the use of biometric technologies in the home security sector.

The company references Apple’s use of Touch ID fingerprint authentication scanner on its mobile devices as one of the many indications that biometric technology will expand to soon interface with other devices and appliances requiring fingerprint identification for access.

“Biometrics is an effective way to get a greater level of assurance given it’s almost impossible to fake,” said Kyle Gray, business manager of Wise Group Security. “The level of security can also be enhanced to prove the true identity of the individual user when coupled with a personal question or pin number being used.

Wise Group emphasizes the importance of ensuring that is a strong security layer protecting the biometric data, and that this data should be heavily monitored.

Although this requirement may limit the current use of biometric technology to high-end residential applications, Wise believes that the rapidly-evolving nature of the technology will enable it to meet this requirement in the near future.

“With homeowners taking all forms of security more seriously,” said Gray. “Biometrics is having a significant role to play in residential applications. We have noticed an increase in enquiries regarding the services we offer in this area.”

Previously reported, Netatmo released Welcome, the smart home security camera featuring revolutionary face recognition technology, for the UK market.

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