ZKAccess educates on biometrics best practices

October 30, 2015 - 

ZKAccess’ free three-credit CEU-accredited ‘Advanced Biometric Access Control’ course instructs physical security integrators on how to migrate from traditional card access systems to biometrics.

The course also provides in-depth information about how biometrics works and the added benefits of security and convenience that biometric technologies provide including the benefits, installation, operation and maintenance of biometric systems.

Through the course, ZKAccess encourages security professionals to proactively educate themselves on biometrics best practices, instead of simply waiting for their clients to do it for them.

Biometric installations can offer several benefits for security dealers and integrators that will enable them to deliver better solutions to their clients.

For example, by implementing fingerprint readers on computers and doors, users will never have to worry about remembering or losing their passwords, being locked out because they forgot their keys, or employees sharing their access keys/badges with unauthorized individuals.

Installing face readers on doors ensures hands-free door access for gloved workers such as medical workers.

ZKAccess also emphasizes that implementing biometric access control solutions can help curb theft by preventing unauthorized access to cashrooms and stockrooms.

For more information on the next free ESA/BICSI accredited biometric security class, contact ZKAccess or call 862-505-2101 ext. 218.

Previously reported, ZKAccess released its ML10-B biometric fingerprint door lock with built-in Bluetooth technology.

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