Aurora facial recognition technology tops independent evaluation

November 3, 2015 - 

Aurora announced that the University of Nottingham Computer Vision Lab has independently verified Aurora’s Deep Learning facial recognition technology as one of leading solutions in the field.

The company’s biometric facial recognition systems have had an active presence in the industry for a decade, however, they have been unable to participate in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Face Recognition Technology (FERET) because of their use of infrared lighting.

The independent evaluation by Computer Vision Lab, led by Dr. Michel Valstar, gives Aurora an opportunity to officially prove that its facial recognition technology generates strong results.

The team obtained all results in a manner that is common by industry standards to ensure a fair comparison with competing companies in the market.

Using the same strict regulations laid out by the NIST FERET database evaluations, Aurora’s infrared recognition algorithms were measured and compared against the leading biometric facial recognition providers around the world.

In the end, Aurora’s infrared recognition algorithms led the top 50 search results against a gallery of 10,660 people.

The full report of University of Nottingham Computer Vision Lab’s independent evaluation can be viewed here.

Previously reported, Aurora launched FaceSentinel, the world’s first Deep Learning-powered facial recognition access control system.

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