Baghdad pharmacy deploys biometric time and attendance solution

November 30, 2015 - 

The Four Seasons drug store, located in Harthiya in the International Zone in Baghdad, recently deployed facial recognition technology from Malaysia’s Fingertec for its time and attendance system, according to a report by Security World Hotel.

Formerly known as the Green Zone, the 10-square-kilometre region is populated by the new Iraqi government’s facilities as well as U.S, British, Australian, and Egyptian embassies.

The drug store provides medicinal drugs and cosmetic supplies, both of which are in high demand in the International Zone.

Fingertec provides a range of biometric solutions designed for the access control market including its fingerprint technology.

Four Seasons drug store decided to deploy Fingertec devices for a time attendance system in an effort to improve its overall productivity and management, along with providing the Iraqi market with optimal service.

Fingertec’s Face ID 2 can perform facial and fingerprint recognition as well as other verification methods such as passcodes and RFID cards.

As active participants of the pharmaceutical industry, drug store employees must handle certain medical materials and products.

These activities require them to wear the appropriate attire consisting of a head cover, gloves, and special clothing that prevents contamination of the medical materials as well as provides protection to the employees.

Face ID 2’s face verification function allows these drug store employees to clock in their attendance at the terminal without the need for taking off their gloves.

The device was installed by Ain Al Zulal, Fingertec’s distributor in Iraq, which also trained one of the drug store employees on operating the time attendance system.

Along with previous deployments by Ain Al Zulal, there is a dedicated room inside the store to record attendance, download, and print reports.

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