Busch Stadium installs iris recognition access control system

November 2, 2015 - 

Busch Stadium, home of Major League Baseball team St. Louis Cardinals, has installed an iris recognition access control system at the team’s clubhouse doors, according to a report by Hectv.org.

The Cardinals are reported the first MLB team to install this kind of biometric system.

The iris scanners, whose vendor is unknown, identify players and staff by capturing an image of both their irises with an infrared beam and matching them against previously captured dual iris images stored on the database.

“By going with the biometric technology, you’re never going to be without your eyeballs when you show up to the training or anything like that,” said Stanley Ruchalski, stadium operations coordinator.

The iris recognition technology can accurately read and capture iris biometrics even through an individual’s glasses, said Ruchalski.

Once a successful match is found, the Clubhouse doors are unlocked to provide access to the locker room, rehab rooms, weight training and other restricted areas.

The system can identify irises from a few feet away and up to 12 people in one minute.

Previously reported in biometics and baseball stadiums related news, Denver’s Coors Field stadium deployed Clear’s biometric technology, enabling Colorado Rockies fans to soon bypass long security lines by scanning their fingerprint.

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