Canadian startup develops bike lock with fingerprint recognition

November 12, 2015 - 

A group of former engineering students from the University of Waterloo have developed a quick-release biometric bike lock that unlocks using the user’s fingerprint.

Grasp, Inc. launched a 60-day Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on November 10 and has already raised almost $18,000 of its $75,000 goal.

Leveraging “the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor with an industry tested and proven algorithm”, Grasp Lock scans the bike owner’s fingerprint and unlocks the device in less than a second.

Users can also provide additional access for up to 20 people via the Grasp App by linking their phone to their lock using an assigned code for their lock.

Additional user fingerprints can be added or removed from the app’s manage page, while time intervals can be preset for when the additional users have access to the lock.

In an unlikely situation where the fingerprint isn’t working, the lock can be emergency unlocked over a Bluetooth connection using the Grasp App.

The Kickstarter page lists the University of Waterloo Faculty of Engineering, HAX, and Velocity as Grasp’s main partners.

Grasp mentions on the Kickstarter page that it has “established a relationship with the manufacturer to enable the best possible integration of the sensor with the Grasp Lock.”

The lock is priced at $129, with a discounted rate for additional locks.

According to the timeline included on its Kickstarter page, Grasp Lock will exhibit at CES in January, begin pilot testing the lock in spring 2016, and complete mass production and assembly in fall 2016 for an expected shipment date of November 2016.

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