Cognitec releases facial recognition API with new matching algorithms

November 16, 2015 - 

Cognitec announced it has released a new version of its facial recognition FaceVACS technology which features the next matching algorithms B10 and A16.

The A16 algorithm offers a smaller memory footprint, which enables developers to create face recognition applications for mobile devices.

The new release also incorporates an upgraded algorithm for age estimation and gender detection.

In 2014, Cognitec received the best rating in National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) independent test for automated age estimation algorithms.

Since the NIST test, Cognitec’s development efforts have further increased the accuracy rates for both age estimation and gender detection.

Cognitec worked on improving the recognition performance on difficult image material for the new matching algorithms, particularly in facial images with non-frontal poses or strong illumination artifacts that are typically found in video surveillance applications.

Algorithm optimization also resulted in better matching results for subjects under the age of 18, and for images, most notably passport photos, with specific types of image noise.

FaceVACS Technology enables customers around the world to develop new face recognition applications. The clear and logical API can be easily integrated in other software programs.

Cognitec provides the FaceVACS Technology through customized software development kits, with a series of functions and modules catered to each use case and computing platform.

These use cases include image quality checks for biometric photos and image comparisons to large databases, both of which are integral to the ID document issuance processes in many countries.

The current release of FaceVACS Technology is available for Windows and Linux platforms.

Previously reported, Cognitec released FaceVACSVideoScan C5, a highly specialized IP video camera with built-in face detection and tracking technology as a component of its FaceVACS-VideoScan facial recognition solution.

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