Cyber Security Summit Europe

Cyber Security Summit Europe
6-7 April 2016, Prague

Cyber-Mix for Business of Tomorrow

Need to get out of your Cyber Security comfort zone?

Attend the 6th Annual Cyber Security Summit Europe and learn more about out highly interactive program with 10 hands-on workshops will help you pin-point your unique challenges and needs in a variety of Cyber Security aspects: GRC, Threat Intelligence Management, Business Continuity Planning, Security Infrastructure Architecture, Cyber Crisis & Law Enforcement, Internet of Things, Cloud and Data Security, Threats and Threats Actors, Cyber Investigation and Recovery.

More than 180 cross-industry and government experts will be there to enjoy 6 tracks by topic, 34 sessions and more than 10 hours of networking.

Early booking will allow you to take advantage of a very limited number of seats in the workshop rooms.

Our conference attendees always enjoy a stream of real case studies and demos rather than sales pitch after sales pitch.

Do not expect any less from our 2016 edition!

Learn more or register now.

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