Dermalog develops combined passport and fingerprint scanner

November 17, 2015 - 

Biometrics company Dermalog Identification Systems announced it has developed VF1, the first combined scanner to be able to capture both passports and fingerprints on the same scanning surface.

Prior to Dermalog’s VF1, two separate scanners were required to capture passports and fingerprints.

The combined scanner is the ideal solution for electronic gates, kiosks, border control and national registration, said the company.

Dermalog is showcasing the VF1 scanner and several other biometric identification solutions at the CARTES Secure Connexions 2015, held in Paris from November 17 through 19.

The new VF1 device captures passports or ID cards in color with the highest resolution and quality. Infrared images and ultraviolet images of the documents are captured simultaneously for evaluation of all the security features of the document.

The device also contains an additional RFID reader inside to capture data from modern ePassports or electronic cards in parallel.

VF1 is a full color passport scanner that adheres to all international fingerprint standards for AFIS and biometric identification. Additionally, a module for automatic detection of fake passports is available.

The scanner can capture one, two or four fingerprints with 500 dpi resolution and 256 grey levels on the same single scanner plate, and up to four fingerprints in one scan.

The device has all the same features and functions of a tenprint scanner and of a so-called 4-4-2 scanner, capturing 10 plain fingerprints as well as rolled fingerprints.

The scanner is equipped with the most advanced technology for detection of fake fingerprints, in order to prevent any fraud or misuse.

“The VF1 scanner is our latest innovation to enable modern eGates and Kiosks to use only one single scanner for passports and fingerprints,” said Dermalog CEO Gunther MullI. “Its capability to also capture signatures, barcodes and flight tickets, as well as arrival/departure documents on the same scanning area makes the VF1 even more versatile.”

The new VF1 scanner can also be used for national registration counters and many other security applications with a single device on the desk for different types of document scans and for biometric capturing.

Previously reported, Dermalog Identification Systems announced it has been rewarded Frost & Sullivan with the “2015 African Biometrics Company of the Year Award”.

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