Fingerprint Cards (FPC) reports an increase in number of shares

November 3, 2015 - 

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) announced that an exercise of warrants has resulted in its share capital increasing from SEK 253,600 (US$30,000) to SEK 12,647,827 (US$1.5 million) at the end of October.

The company said that the number of shares has increased by 1,265,000 Class B shares in which the number of Class B shares amounts to 62,039,135 while the number of Class A shares remains the same at 1,200,000.

The total number of FPC shares amounts to 62,239,135 shares, which corresponds to 74,039,135 voting rights.

The company said the exercise price for the shares was SEK 9.72 (US$1.15), resulting in SEK 12,295,800 (US$1.4 million) being contributed to FPC.

Previously reported, Fingerprint Cards (FPC) reported its preliminary revenue estimates for the third quarter of 2015 amounted to around 960 MSEK (US $116 million), which exceeds its previous guidance of around 860 MSEK (US $104 million).

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