Hawaii bankers and attorney general recommend biometrics over chip and PIN tech

November 12, 2015 - 

The Hawaii Bankers Association and Attorney General Doug Chin have recommended credit card companies consider biometrics over chip and PIN technology for security, according to a report by Pacific Business News.

The recommendations are in response to the attorney generals of Connecticut and Georgia’s request last month, asking U.S. attorney generals to sign a letter urging credit card issuers to rapidly adopt chip and PIN technology in the country.

“We strongly believe that chip and PIN should be the standard here just as it is in many countries across the world, and without any further unnecessary delay,” the authors said in the letter.

The Hawaii Bankers Association has been actively opposed to signing the letter because the letter describes chip and pin technology as an all-encompassing solution to counterfeit issues.

“Some of the attorney generals are not fully informed,” said Edward Pei, president of the Hawaii Bankers Association. “There are other security measures, like biometrics. Even iPhones now use fingerprints to unlock their devices, this technology is advanced. We shouldn’t be limited to chip and pin.”

The letter campaign seems to have lost momentum with its deadline continuously getting pushed back. Last week, one of the letter’s co-authors, the Georgia attorney general, withdrew his support.

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