MasterCard to introduce facial recognition payment service in Nigeria, says E-PPAN

November 18, 2015 - 

The Electronic Payment Providers Association of Nigeria (E-PPAN) said that MasterCard would soon launch a facial recognition payment solution in Nigeria to combat the growing cases of fraud and theft, according to a report by The Nation.

E-PPAN CEO and executive secretary Onajite Regha said that the development is part of the credit card issuer’s overall strategy to replace the existing system of password for online payments.

“MasterCard’s facial recognition will roll out to only about 500 users at first, with major hardware and software companies ..,” said Regha.

Regha also discussed China Merchant Bank’s facial recognition-enabled ATMs, the first of its kind to launch last month in the city of Shenzhen.

The ATM machines feature a built-in camera that captures the facial features of the users and cross-checks it with a database of identification photos.

Previously reported, Mastercard is rolling out MasterCard Identity Check, the credit card firm’s new payments system that enables consumers to make online purchases using facial or fingerprint recognition technologies.

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