Nubia Z9 smartphone integrates EyeVerify’s eye recognition technology

November 18, 2015 - 

Chinese smartphone manufacturer nubia announced that its latest Android smartphone, the nubia Z9 3rd Anniversary Version, is integrated with eye pattern recognition technology from EyeVerify.

The move comes after Nubia unveiled that the Nubia Z9 Mini Elite would feature eye pattern recognition technology from EyeVerify.

Users of the latest version of nubia Z9 smartphones will be able to enroll their eyeprint pattern in less than 20 seconds.

Once registered, users can keep their device or individual apps locked away from would-be hackers or thieves.

Users can unlock the device or any apps by simply taking a quick selfie, which takes less than 600 milliseconds (6/10 of a second) to verify.

Additionally, payment grade accuracy is already built into this current version of Eyeprint ID, which will enable future use cases for mobile payments and financial services on nubia devices.

“We are very pleased to announce this commercial release with such an innovative partner and leading smartphone brand,” said Chris Barnett, EVP global sales and marketing at EyeVerify. “I love the user experience nubia has created on their devices with Eyeprint ID and I believe that they have set a new, higher standard for the market regarding biometrics.”

Nubia smartphones can be purchased online in the United States, Russia, India, the Czech Republic and Spain through Amazon and

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