Panasonic demonstrates facial recognition platform at Security Canada Expo

November 3, 2015 - 

At Security Canada Expo held last month in Toronto, Panasonic product specialist Rui Barbosa performed a video demonstration of the Panasonic facial recognition analytics platform WV-ASF900.

Panasonic’s latest facial recognition analytics platform offers a range of capabilities, including face matching, face searching, people counting, and age and gender statistics for video surveillance systems.

The solution can be used for surveillance to safeguard areas, as well as for retail and marketing applications.

The PC-based platform can support up to 20 face matching cameras per server, matching 1,000 faces a second, and can browse from a database of up to five million faces to identify a person in three seconds.

The platform’s analysis capabilities include counting the number of detected faces and evaluating their age and gender, displaying the results in the form of a statistical graph on the screen.

Previously reported, Panasonic unveiled its new i-Pro SmartHD CCTV cameras with facial recognition analytics software designed to secure cities and populations.

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