Schiphol Airport panel to test new biometrics technology

November 30, 2015 - 

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol announced it will be piloting a range of biometric technologies which will allow frequent travelers to pass the Schengen security check without having to display their Privium Card.

Currently, Privium frequent travelers can cross the border through a combined use of their Privium card and iris scan.

However, Schiphol will soon be initiating a pilot involving new technological advances that will allow Privium travelers to open the Privium security gate with a simple wave of their hand while their iris, for example, could be scanned and recognized from a distance.

The series of pilots begin in mid-January. Privium members can register for the biometric test panel from December 15 at the Privium ClubLounge, giving them an opportunity to test and experience the speed and reliability of new facial, finger and iris recognition methods.

Members of the biometric test panel who are flying to a Schengen destination will then immediately be able to use the security check entrance which will grant access on the basis of multiple biometric scans.

The upcoming pilots will be conducted in compliance with all privacy guidelines.

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