Security industry veteran Andrew Flood joins Integrated Biometrics

November 6, 2015 - 

Integrated Biometrics announced that security industry veteran Andrew Flood has joined the organization and will assume a leadership role in the area of partner services infrastructure.

“As global adoption of our certified biometric fingerprint scanners continues, Andy’s vast technical and organizational leadership will help empower our identity management partners as they develop new applications,” said Integrated Biometrics Vice President David Gerulski.

Flood’s background includes 18 years in the industry focusing on biometrics, video analytics, surveillance, security, counter-terrorism and access control at high-visibility facilities.

“Working in integration-intense environments that rely heavily on cutting edge security solutions has provided valuable insight into the ergonomics and ease-of-use challenges that that come with successfully implementing biometric solutions,” Flood explained.

Integrated Biometrics designs and manufactures FBI-Certified fingerprint sensors for advanced biometric enrollment and verification products.

Reported previously, Integrated Biometrics will be providing more than 13,000 of its Watson Minis fingerprint recognition scanners to help register and enroll eligible voters in Brazil and Brazilian consulate offices worldwide.

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