55% of travelers believe biometrics would improve travel experience: report

December 9, 2015 - 

Boxever released a report entitled “Change Is in the Air: Personalization, Biometrics and Trust to Shape the Future of Travel”, which finds that 55% of travelers believe that biometric authentication technologies would improve the travel experience.

Based on a survey of 500 travelers, the report states that more than half of travellers think that the use of fingerprints and iris scans would improve the check-in, security and boarding process at airports.

“Today’s travelers care a lot more about the actual experience than the technology powering it,” said O’Flanagan. “It doesn’t matter how advanced or futuristic airlines and travel providers become. At the end of the day, what truly matters is creating personalized, one-to-one experiences for each and every customer — across all channels, and at every stage of the travel lifecycle.”

However, the report finds that while airlines, airports and governments continue to seek new methods of integrating fingerprints and facial recognition into security, customs and boarding processes, it may take longer than expected for travelers to become comfortable with the concept.

In the report, less than 50% of travelers said they would trust airlines with fingerprints for identification purposes.

Meanwhile, of those who said they do not trust airlines to handle sensitive and personal data like fingerprints, 49% said they are unsure that the use of fingerprints would actually improve the travel experience.

These attitudes appear to shift when travelers are assured that the use of biometrics would expedite travel processes, improve security and enhance the overall travel experience.

Based on the understanding that biometrics would improve the overall travel experience, 64% of respondents said they would feel comfortable using fingerprints to get through security lines without the use of other identification, 61% said they would use fingerprints to check in for their flight, 54% said they would replace their boarding pass with fingerprint scanning to board the plane, and only 33% said they would feel comfortable using fingerprints to purchase goods and services.

The full Boxever report can be downloaded for free on the company’s website.

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